Friday, June 16, 2006

You Can Quote Me on That

This morning when my wife called to wake me up (yes, I slept late---between averaging 4 hours of sleep a night all week and driving more than 500 miles yesterday, I deserved it) she told me that I had been quoted in an article about the SBC in the Louisville Courier-Journal. Art Rogers had already linked to this article (he is also quoted), so I didn't have to look for it. Basically, the article talks about how the recently concluded annual meeting in Greensboro might be the beginning of a more open SBC, not on matters of core doctrine, but in regards to cooperation among those who share similar views on core doctrine.

This is a strange world. On one hand, I have been unsuccessful in leading a tiny church to be effective for the Kingdom. At the same time, I am the opening quote in an article in the largest newspaper in the state in which Art Rogers, Al Mohler, and Hershael York are also quoted. That in itself is a sign that the times are changing, that ideas matter more than personalities, that faithfulness is more important than success. We're not there yet, and there will be some setbacks along the way, but that's where we are heading.


Kevin Bussey said...

Don't underestimate yourself! You have a great way with words.

art rogers said...

The world is flat. Ideas, not positions or connections rule the day, now.

Yours are worthy of note.

Jeff Richard Young said...

Dear Brother Tim,

Some of the people who have been greatly inspired and discipled by the Lord through my ministry gave no indication of it at the time, but later blossomed into fine Christians, and told me they were fed from the Word while they were with me.

So don't be too quick to label your present ministry "unsuccessful." Just keep teaching the Word faithfully. God's in charge of results.

It was great meeting you and sharing a late-night meal with you.

Love in Christ,


GuyMuse said...

"...ideas matter more than personalities...faithfulness is more important than success."

The preceding thought is well worth quoting you on. Indeed ideas do matter more than personalities and faithfulness is more important than success. Success by whose standards?

Keep up the good writing. Your ideas are making an impact out there. Not only ideas, but you are also a good encourager. The Lord knows we need more of your kind in the Kingdom!

nathaniel adam king said...

I would love to quote you on that, and a lot more, that is of course if you would update. ;)