Tuesday, June 13, 2006


The tellers just walked into the room to count the ballots from the presidential vote. The results will be announced as soon as the ballots are counted, with the runoff election to follow immediately, if necessary.

This is not a scientific survey, but it's looking like it might break Frank Page's way. Nearly all of the ballots in my row were for page. Also, Forrest Pollock's nomination speech for Page garnered the most applause. Pollock focused strongly on Page's CP support, saying that when it comes to CP Page "leads by example." Alone among the candidates, Page has the credibility to challenge us toward greater CP giving. Pollock also strongly refuted allegations that Page is not conservative enough, pointing out that Page spearheaded the effort in Georgia for the state convention to adopt the BFM 2000.

I'll post the official results as soon as they come in.

In other news, the Committee on Order of Business is recommending that Wade's motion be referred to the IMB Board of Trustees. Discussion and a vote on this recommendation will occur at 7:40 tonight. If this recommendation passes, I have no confidence that the issues Wade brings up will be dealt with.

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Sean Pease said...

Floyd - 2247 votes - 24.95%
Sutton - 2168 votes - 24.08%
Page - 4546 votes - 50.48%