Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It's Page!!!

The results of the presidential election have just been announced. They are as follows:

  • Ronnie Floyd --- 2247 votes (24.95%)
  • Jerry Sutton --- 2168 votes (24.08%)
  • Frank Page --- 4546 votes (50.48%)

Could this be the beginning of a new era in the SBC?


Kelly Reed said...

I just watched the Live Feed and there seemed to be some scared or concerned people on stage. Congratulations to President Page for being elected and the people who responded to the call to Greensboro.

Thanks Tim for posting and keeping everyone informed.

Pursuing Him,


Tim Sweatman said...

I missed a lot of the reaction in the convention hall because I ran for the press room as soon as the announcement was made. But at lunch today the people at the table next to me were talking about how no one knows whether or not Page is a conservative. I would say that he has clearly demonstrated his conservatism, but for some folks if you're not in lockstep with the Good 'Ol Boy network then you're not conservative.