Friday, March 10, 2006

An Important Letter in Response to the IMB Policies and Position Papers

If you have been reading the various SBC blogs for any length of time, you have probably read comments by Dorcas Hawker. On her blog she has posted a letter from her pastor to their congregation that completely demolishes the position papers released by IMB trustee chairman Tom Hatley earlier this week. This letter is a MUST READ.

WARNING! This letter is not for the faint of heart. Brother Cole is blunt and direct in his treatment of the policies, the position papers, and even some of the trustees. Some commenters felt that this letter went over the line, but others believe that the situation calls for such a response. My opinion can be inferred from the following comment I made after reading the letter:

I wonder if those who are critical of the tone of this letter are critical of John the Baptist, Jesus, and Paul for some of the language they used. Could Brother Cole have toned down his remarks? Perhaps, but if his reaction to the position papers was similar to my reaction, then this letter is a toned down response. The fact is, there are occasions when it is necessary for Christians to use blunt and even harsh language (again, refer to John the Baptist, Jesus, and Paul). Such cases are the exception to the norm, but I believe the gravity of this current issue meets the standard.

This is by far the most effective refutation of the position papers I have come across (much better than my statement). It needs to be read by as many people as possible, so I am linking to this post from my blog.
(HT: Marty Duren)


Todd Buck said...

See my musings at NotMuchAdo on the possible future ramifications. Have you thought about this or seen this elsewhere?

I'm brand new to the blog thang and wondered what you thought.

Tim Sweatman said...


Your insights are very keen. I hadn't heard your specific concerns expressed before, but they are well within the realm of possibility. I encourage everyone reading this post to check out your musings on the subject.