Thursday, March 23, 2006

How About Some Good News?

Despite some cautious optimism, most of the reaction to the recent IMB trustee meeting in Tampa has been that of anger or discouragement. So it seems that now is the perfect time for some good news to encourage us. The following posts discuss some positive things that have been happening:

Guy Muse, You Pray. . . and God Answers!
Kiki Cherry, 10 Things I Learned in Quebec
Kevin Hash, University Students Use Spring Break to Rebuild in Pass Christian, Mississippi
Jason Sampler, Update from New Orleans
Marty Duren, Missional Church

What good things have been happening in your life? In what ways have you seen God working recently? Share your good news and let us rejoice together!


Anonymous said...

God is alive and well in the far reaches of east Asia! PTL for 12 new forever friends that have recently come into the Kingdom because of the obedience of some new believers intentionally going to share the good news with loved ones that had never heard the good news.

Also, PTL for 20 believers in another village who want to be baptized soon! Pray for the weather to break and for safety for all involved.

Undercover M

Tim Sweatman said...

Undercover M,


Wes Kenney said...

Our association regularly comes together to help our churches share the gospel in their communities. Last Saturday we had such an event in a nearby town, and six youth from our church came on a Saturday morning. Two went with me and our church's music director, one of them an unsaved friend of one of our students.

She got to listen in as we went door-to-door, sharing with everyone from a 99-year-old Nazarene Church lady who was convinced that salvation was based on works, to an elder in the local Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses.

She had previously expressed an interest in church membership, so Sunday morning during Sunday school my wife and I sat down with her and explained the gospel, and she then and there trusted Christ for her salvation and will soon be baptized. This will be the first in our church since I came in October, and it is good to see evidence that God is still calling people to Himself.

Unto Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.

martyduren said...

Can you email me a phone number for you? martyduren[at]yahoo[dot]com

Tim Sweatman said...


That's great! We're in the process of starting something like that, so it's encouraging to see that it can reach people.

Tim Sweatman said...

Well, since I posed the question it seems only fair that I should share my response.

As some of you know, my wife lost her job last June. Since the church where I presently serve is very small, she has been the main breadwinner in our family. So her losing her job was a major crisis. However, we have experienced God's provision in a remarkable way during these past several months. Either she would land a temporary job at just the right time, or we would receive an unexpected financial gift from family. We have not missed any bills, and we really haven't had to cut back on our lifestyle (not that we live the high life). In February she got a temporary job at a law firm that was supposed to last 7 weeks. They've decided to keep her! She's still technically a temp, but she finally has something long term. And it's in the field that she was working in (she's a paralegal). I believe that God allowed this to happen to teach us to really depend on Him.