Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Chronology of Absurdity

If you're not in the habit of reading Marty Duren's blog, you need to be. (And I know that most of you are, because most of you have come to my blog from his. Why do you think I'm putting in this plug for his blog?) No one, and certainly not the "official" press, does a better job than Marty of keeping us informed about what's going on behind the scenes within the Southern Baptist Convention, especially regarding the recent issues involving the trustees of the International Missions Board. For those of you who have been in a cave for the past few months, or for the rest of us who are getting whiplash from following this series of events back and forth, Marty has posted a "brief chronology" of these events. In addition to this chronology, Marty provides some insightful commentary that demonstrates just how absurd this entire affair has become. Here's an example (emphasis is Marty's):

So, we've gone from gossip and slander to broken trust and resistance to accountability to arrogance and attitude and running roughshod to Wade's general approach to his relationships on the board. We've gone from "due deliberation" and exploring "other options" to "we found an option we didn't know we had." We've gone from "remove Wade Burleson at the convention and remove him from all committees until then," to "let's not remove Wade and just handle it internally." We've gone from "remove Wade" to "discipline Wade" to "manage the issues." We've gone from "the evidence of Wade's wrongdoing is forthcoming" to "expect nothing further from the IMB BOT on this matter." We've gone from Wade's blog being a source of "misinformation" that must be corrected to "we are not against Wade's blogging."
Oh. . . . . my head hurts! How can anyone move back and forth between so many positions in less than two months? These folks have taken the art of the "flip-flop" to a whole new level. Here's hoping that they put an end to this foolishness when they meet in Tampa later this month.

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