Monday, January 30, 2006


Avalon's latest album Stand came out Tuesday! I got my copy yesterday, and this is an awesome CD!!! I've already listened to it about seven times. There was a four month delay from the original release date, but it was definitely worth the wait. There is not a single weak song on the entire CD. This album has it all, from up tempo songs like "The Other Side" and "Love Won't Leave You," to the beauty of "Where Joy and Sorrow Meet," to powerful anthems like "Orphans of God" and "Jesus" and "We Will Stand" (featuring Russ Taff, who made this song a classic in the early 1980s). If I had to pick a favorite song from the album it would probably be either "Jesus" or "Where Joy and Sorrow Meet," but they're all really good songs, and the vocals are impeccable. The unique, dynamic Avalon sound stands out on each song. After ten years and a few lineup changes, Avalon is still the best, and this is their best album yet!

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