Thursday, January 19, 2006

Jason Sampler's Beef with the IMB Trustees

Anyone who has read this blog knows about my opposition to the recent IMB Board of Trustees' decisions to implement new policies regarding tongues and baptism and to recommend the removal of Wade Burleson as a trustee for publicly expressing his opposition to the new policies. (I'm sorry, but despite what Tom Hatley said, there is nothing in the IMB trustees' statements to suggest any other reason for Wade's removal.) I have explained my reasons for opposing these decisions, but I admit that my explanations demonstrate my lack of education in Baptist history and ecclesiology. Others who know more about these areas have weighed in with their opposition, however. In his post, IMB Trustees and My Beef, Jason Sampler appeals to Scripture, church history, and Baptist polity and ecclesiology to explain why the IMB Trustees were wrong to implement the new policies on tongues and baptism, with his emphasis on the baptism policies. Jason provides the degree of biblical, historical, and theological support for his position that I have yet to see from anyone who supports the new policies.

What do you think of Jason's arguments? Is there anything you would add?

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Jason Sampler said...

I think the argument is incredible:). One of the sharpest minds of our time. Oh, can i say that about myself? Ooops!