Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Bus Keeps Rolling. . . Into the Playoffs

They did it the hard way, but the Pittsburgh Steelers are officially in the playoffs. This means that Jerome Bettis, known affectionately as the Bus, will play at least one more game for the Black & Gold. Speculation is that Bettis, who is in his 13th year in the NFL, will retire at the end of this season. What would be a more fitting end to his brilliant Hall-of-Fame career than for Bettis to play in the Super Bowl in his home city of Detroit?

Regardless of how the Steelers finish, I join with the crowd in Pittsburgh who chanted, "One more year! One more year!" Even though he is pushing 34, Bettis played a key role in Pittsburgh's drive into the playoffs by scoring three touchdowns in the season finale against Detroit. While he no longer piles up the yards like he used to, Bettis is still one of the best short-yardage and end zone running backs in the NFL. Whenever his career does end, he will be sorely missed by the Steeler organization and their fans.


Kiki Cherry said...

Wooo-hoooo!!!!! Go Steelers!!!

I believe Bettis is a Christian, too. At least that is the word around here.

Tim Sweatman said...

I think I remember reading about that somewhere, but I can't say for certain that I did.

One down, three to go. But I did hate to see Carson Palmer go down like that. There are a couple of jokers on ESPN who are calling it a dirty hit, but it looked accidental to me (and the guys calling the game). But I still think we would have won if Palmer had played.

Now on to Indy. . .