Sunday, May 28, 2006

Some Insightful Articles

I encourage you to take the time to read the following articles. They are very insightful and relevant as we draw nearer to the SBC Annual Meeting in Greensboro.

Marty Duren, Musings---Marty comments on the SBC Executive Committee's recent revision of the report from the Ad Hoc Cooperative Program Committee, which eliminated the original references to a goal of 10%. Marty also offers some suggestions for reducing wasteful spending of CP dollars by state conventions and SBC entities.

Baptist Blogger (aka Rooster Cogburn aka Ben Cole), Integrity---Marshal Cogburn examines the "crisis of integrity" affecting the SBC at all levels, from entity presidents using their positions of influence to endorse candidates for convention office to the membership figures reported by local churches. He then applies Stephen Carter's three components of integrity to the SBC. He closes by laying out five goals he would like to see accomplished at Greensboro that would enhance openness, transparency, and integrity within the SBC.

Bob Terry (in The Alabama Baptist), Rankin Not Responsible for Latest IMB Controversy---In this April 27 column, Bob Terry discusses the absurdity of some IMB trustees blaming IMB President Jerry Rankin for the adoption of the controversial policies on tongues/prayer language and baptism. He also brings to light the contentious relationship that some trustees have with Rankin.

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