Monday, May 08, 2006

The Cost of Doing God's Will

There is a common saying, "The safest place to be is in the center of God's will." That sounds like a good statement, but it is totally false. The Bible never promises physical safety or comfort to those who follow God's will. From a human standpoint, the center of God's will is often the most dangerous place a person can be.

On her blog, Kiki Cherry has written a post titled God's Calling Is Not Safe. In this post Kiki recounts some of the horrific things that have happened to faithful people who gave up everything in order to do God's will, some of whom she and her family knew personally. This post is a MUST READ! It is very difficult to read about some of the things Kiki describes, but this post gives us a much needed reminder that God's will often leads us down a path of sacrifice, persecution, suffering, and even tragedy. Few of us could even imagine the things that many missionaries and fellow believers have experienced. Kiki's post reminds us that missions work is not a glamorous or romantic vacation; IT IS SPIRITUAL WAR!


art rogers said...

Great minds think alike. I lined to her, too. ;)

art rogers said...

"I linked to her, too.

Anonymous said...

God's call: it is why we leave; it is why our kids are born and grow up in another place; it is why we smile and love when we are criticized for being terrible parents who take our children to terrible places and terrible conditions; it is why we love the terrorist who threatens, follows our kids to school, and plans to destroy us; it is why we ignore being made fun of for being m's by the well-to-do in the international community; it is why we continue when we don't understand what is going on back home and feel really out of it when we are there; it is why we are late or absent to really important things like family weddings, births and funerals; it is why we are driven to more openness in working with others; it is why we trust that those holding the ropes will continue to.

art rogers said...

^anonymous, and all missionaries,

Thank you for doing just that.

Tim Sweatman said...


You've just described what Luke 9:23 and Matthew 6:33 are all about. Thank you for your service.