Thursday, April 20, 2006

Who's Going to Greensboro?

Everything's official. I've completed my online registration for the SBC Annual Meeting in Greensboro and made my hotel reservation. All that's left is to arrange for my rental car and decide which church to attend Sunday morning.

I think it would be interesting for us to share why we're going to Greensboro and whether or not this is our first convention. (If this is your first convention, be sure to read Art Rogers' blog. He is providing a detailed primer of how the convention operates.)


Tim Sweatman said...

I would be going to Greensboro even if it were just another SBC Annual Meeting. I'm somewhat old school in that way; if I'm going to be part of an organization, I'm going to be as involved as I possibly can. (That's one reason why I don't join a lot of groups.) This will be my third convention; I was in Indianapolis in 2004 and Nashville last year.

Of course, Greensboro is NOT just another Annual Meeting. As I mentioned in my previous post, the SBC is facing a number of important issues. Indeed, we are standing at a crossroads. I want to do everything possible to make sure we make the best decisions and choose the right path.

Oh, and I guess that I'm also going because I'm part of the program for the Younger Leaders' meeting on Monday night following the Pastors' Conference. Marty would probably be quite displeased if I didn't show up.

Benjamin S. Cole said...

I'm going to Greensboro because I want to wrench convention leadership away from the guys who got us here. That, and to attack the architects of the conservative resurgence. Oh, don't forget that we want to run Wade fore president. Let's there anything else that we're supposed to be plotting for Greensboro?

art rogers said...


Thanks for the plug.

This is not my first convention, but it is my first in a while. You can see how important I thought it was after attending my last one.

I am going to attempt to make a difference in the focus of the convention. I want us to lay aside differences and be more inclusive. I want us to act with transparency and openness.

I would also like to attempt to represent my age group. In doing this, I would like the convetion to be more relevant to our culture, which is rapidly turning away from the church.


Behave. ;)


Jeff Richard Young said...

Dear Tim,

I've been an SBC minster for 11 years, but this will be my first convention. I always just assumed that the people in charge could be trusted to do the right thing. The IMB baptism policy/Burleson removal/dissent policy has opened my eyes, or pulled my head out of the sand.

The reason George Washington was such a wonderful president was that he did not want to be president! Someone who does not want power can usually be trusted to wield it. Someone who does want power, however, usually cannot be trusted to wield it.

While those of us who do not crave power slept, those who do crave power took it, and are now using it for purposes with which the members of my church generally do not agree.

So here I go. I've reserved a hotel. I've rescheduled VBS. My dear church is going to vote me the messengership and the money for the trip this coming Sunday evening. I'm going to drive my little car all the way from Texas to North Carolina, being away from my family right in the middle of summer fun time. All of this so I can try to help right the ship.

To tell the truth, I think I'm going to get stepped on like a bug. My name will go on a blacklist (if it's not there already). The motions and resolutions for which I vote will be defeated.

But I'm going anyway, because we've got to start bailing before the ship goes any farther under!

Love in Christ,


P.S. I understand the next annual meeting is in San Antonio. You guys will love it here in Texas. In San Antonio in June it's typically 99 degrees with 99 percent humidity!

Micah said...

I'm looking forward to Greensboro and it's been a long time since I could say that. I attended my first convention (Atlanta '95) when I was 17 years old and this will be my 3rd. I've been a minister in SBC churches for almost 8 years now and have only attended one convention during those years. I attended Pheonix a few years back. Although my church will pay for me to go I simply haven't because I was disgusted with the convention for a long time. When problems started arising with the IMB I was moved beyond disgust to action. I'm excited, now, about attending and I'm looking forward to what God will do among us.

I'm going to be staying (due to a booking error) about 10-15 miles away in High Point but I've rented a nice little Mustang to drive back and forth so I don't mind too much! I'm looking forward to seeing you guys there!

art rogers said...


Don't sell yourself, or the rest of us, so short as to think we will have no impact.

If that were true, we might as well stay home. It's not true.

Agent Tim said...

I'm heading to Greensboro because, as a young 16-year-old Southern Baptist, I want to know how things run, and I want to see what decisions will be made that will affect me in the future.

I attended the SBC Exec. Commitee meetings, so I'm going about this a little backwards, but nonetheless, I'm really looking forward to it. I want to be able to have some fantastic discussions with fellow bloggers and Southern Baptists.

And I'm going because I want to do some awesome blogging and podcasting while I'm there. And the food should be good :).

Now, at this point, I'm still figuring out the Wade Burleson issue. Not sure where I stand. But when I get to Greensboro, I'm going to be sure of what I believe, and ready to preach it.

Dorcas said...

This will be my first convention. I am going because Pastor Ben told me to ... after all I am just a puppet in his grand master plan (see his comment above). I have no brain or will of my own.

Go ahead Art. Tell me to behave. Everyone knows you are the puppetmaster when Ben takes his afternoon naps. ;)

art rogers said...

Now that's a truly scary thought.

David Goggin said...

Tim, I want to invite you to join
us at Calvary B.C. in Winston Salem
on that Sunday morning. I love Calvary and the staff that leads us. The missions emphasis is strong, strong, strong. It was this
way even before Pastor Al came (former IMB staffer). Calvary is a large church - 3 morning services in the main auditorium and 2 contemporary services in the gym. For more information

Tim Sweatman said...


Thanks for the invite. I've narrowed my preliminary list to five, but I haven't looked at Winston-Salem or High Point. I'll check it out.

Agent Tim said...

Hey Tim, just want to add very quickly, that I think I'm also going because it will be cool to have Tim SwEEtman and Tim Sweatman meet. *grin*


Kevin Bussey said...

See you there Tim. I look forward to hearing you speak!

Tim Sweatman said...


Well, I hope you're not getting too excited about witnessing my oratorical prowess. (I can't believe I actually typed that with a straight face!) I'm not giving a full message, just introducing one (well, technically two) of the speakers. Putting me down as a speaker would have completely shot any notion of ending the program on time, as anyone in my congregation would be quick to tell you.

Agent Tim,

Apparently a lot of people who work in restaurants and as telemarketers think that I'm you. Or at least they call me by your name.

TheMDude said...

Well, I would love to attend the convention for some of the reasons Ben mentioned, but will be overseas at that time. I hope someone has some plans for coordinated live blogging. Is it too much to hope that the convention hall will be WiFi? Or that several of you would invest in a cell phone modem? Just think of the possibilities for meshed communication!

Agent Tim said...

Wow...hang on...I thought you were the popular guy! Must be the orange shirt. I'm known for wearing an orange shirt just like that in other states.

Looking forward to meeting some of y'all.

Dorcas said...

Agent Tim -

Your comment about looking forward to meeting "some of us" made me chuckle. Exactly which of us are you not looking forward to meeting? :)

Dorcas said...

M Dude - I think the convention proceedings are webcast. Can anyone confirm this?

Alan Cross said...

I'm with Ben Cole. The only reason I am going is to take over the convention. I met a guy last week who is also going and I got him to agree to nominate ME for SBC President! It's what I've always wanted, you see. If I only had more power . . .

In reality, I am still planning on going if things on the home front allow (I have signed up, hotels, etc.). I hope to speak into the process and help make a difference. The SBC is a great denomination with a lot of great people. With the issues this year, I felt that it was important to be involved. I hope to meet only SOME of you there, including Dorcas!

art rogers said...

Yes, the proceedings are webcast. You can get them at

agenttim said...

LOL@Dorcas. It's more like "who's going to be avoiding me at the conference." Especially with my handy digital recorder...;-)