Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Stand Up and Be Counted

IMB Trustee Wade Burleson is asking all Southern Baptists who have heard about or read the new IMB policies on tongues and baptism and wish to register their opposition to the new policies to sign this post on his blog before the next IMB Trustee meeting in Richmond on January 9-11. Be sure to sign the post on Wade's blog and not this post.

Also, if you have not done so, contact your state's IMB trustees to register your opposition to these policies. Please be respectful, and be sure to give specific reasons why you are against the new policies. Marty Duren has a list of the trustees on his blog, and you should also be able to get their names from the IMB. In addition, write letters to the editor of your state Baptist newspaper. And if you can do so, attend the trustees' meeting in Richmond. Of course, the one thing we all can and must do is PRAY!

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